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It has been several years since God’s people had the vision to build a Church where His people could come and worship.  As we reflect on the years that have been, our prayer and desire is not to be a Church that lives in the past, but one that still hears God’s calling to reach out into the community and the world as He commanded us to do.


The purpose of this church is the salvation of souls, the edification of Christians through the teaching of God’s Word, the world-wide proclamation of the Gospel of the Grace of God, the promotion of Godly worship, and the defense of the Faith once delivered unto the saints, until Christ comes.

Many men, women and children have come to know Christ as their Savior through the years past.  It should be the prayer of Daniels Missionary Baptist Church that in the coming years, if the Lord tarries, and as the Pastor teaches and leads us in the 21st Century; that we will continue to labor for the cause of Christ and strive daily to live our lives that others would seek after Him.

This Church started in 1953...formed by part of the congregation of the Old Daniels Community Church.  The first Church was in the Old Ross Store building, which was located about where the present Marathon Station now stands. The Pastor, at that time, was Henry Smith.

 The church was originally built in 1958-1959.  


A new addition to be used primarily for Sunday school rooms was added in 1975.  This included a new kitchen unit, a nursery, recreation room for Pro-Teens, and a large room to be used for Children’s Church.  The Baptistry was completed in the sanctuary in 1975.  Dreama Warren painted the mural over the Baptistry.  The first member baptized in the new Baptistry was Nova Warren (Jackson) and on the same day, Mr. George Adams, about 82 years old, was the oldest person baptized in the Church. 


In September 1994, the Family Life Center was completed, built almost entirely by the men and women of the Church.  This all-purpose building provides a place for all programs of the Church to hold meetings and activities for the membership.


Due to the church’s growth in January 2007 we moved into a beautiful brand new sancturay. God is truly good!!

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