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The Gospel of John

Presenting the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is a chapter by chapter study where the student is forced to see what the chapter teaches by answering various questions.


The God-Man (John 1-2)

The "Lifted Up" Saviour (John 3)

The Water of Life (John 4-5)

The Bread of Life (John 6)

The Divider of Men (John 7)

The Light of the World (John 8-9)

The Good Shepherd (John 10)

The Resurrection and the Life (John 10)

The Humble Servant (John 12-13)

The "Going Away" One (John 14-16)

The Great High Priest (John 17)

The Lamb of God (John 18-19)

The Risen Lord (John 20-21)

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